Common Forms

Street Closures and Event Agreement

This form is used to request street closures and the use of city property for events. This form needs to be completed and signed by the Chief of Police, the Director of City Works and the City Manger. The form is available in two formats. To complete the form by hand CLICK HERE. To complete the form on the computer and print then print it out CLICK HERE.

Statement Form

A generic version of the Belgrade Police Department statement form is available here. This form is used to take written statements from Victims, Witnesses, or voluntary suspect statements. This form is to be used when there is an active investigation in place and after speaking to an officer. CLICK HERE for this form.

Request for Restitution

This form should be completed when a monetary loss is incurred as a result of a crime. This form needs to be signed by the person claiming the loss and the signature needs to be notarized. Please complete the highlighted sections only all other areas will be completed by the investigating officer. CLICK HERE for this form.

Application for Report Release

This for is used to request the release of criminal justice information to include any police reports. To request a police report or any other criminal justice information please print this form, fill it out and fax it to the Belgrade Police Department at 406-388-4708.  Once the application is received it will be sent to the Belgrade City Attorney for review then the release must be approved by Gallatin County District Court. This process may take in excises of a month to complete. The report will not be released if the investigation is ongoing. CLICK HERE for this form.